Extreme Brainstorming Questions from Jason Cohen, aka “A Smart Bear”

Serendipitously, after writing about brainstorming features and business processes a couple of weeks ago, I came across this great article from Jason Cohen. It has a series of perspectives to try to force yourself out of your entrenched viewpoint and try to come up with some unconventional ideas for your business. A few of my favorites are:

10x prices

If you were forced to increase your prices by 10x, what would you have to do to justify it?

What sort of brand looks and feels like something that expensive? What positioning would you take? How would the design of both the website and the product need to change?

– Jason Cohen (a smart bear)


Complete rip-off

If our biggest competitor copied every feature we have, how would we still win?

– Jason Cohen (a smart bear)

The whole article is definitely a worthy read (as is everything Jason writes over there) – Extreme brainstorming questions to trigger new, better ideas – You can also get my (admittedly minimalist) highlights here: My Notes on Extreme brainstorming questions